October 27, 2021

"So I get a call from my adult daughter, "Dad my car will not steer, I am pulling over to the side of the road." She is 1,100 miles away from me and I need to help my little girl. After talking with my mechanic locally, we quickly diagnose it to be a power steering control module issue. I talk to several mechanics about the situation. One wanted $2,300 to do the work and wouldn't work with me at all. I was able to get the right part and wanted to ship it to save my daughter a significant amount of money. A few more phone calls and I talk with John. Confident, been doing this a long time, friendly, answers the phone, shop noises going on in the background. I explain the situation. He fully understands. Asks super intelligent questions about the repair that needs to be completed. It was obvious he knew his stuff. I ask about shipping him the part. He doesn't have any issues, but cautions that if the part is wrong or any issues, it is on me. Understood, of course - I am supplying the part in question. Part is delayed, John is understanding and accommodates the car in his care for the extended time (few days). Customer service! Part arrives, John's team installs it within 48 hours. Daughter picks up the car and it is running fabulous!Jacksonville - you have a true gem in your midst. If you need an honest, competent mechanic that isn't trying to rip you off for every penny when you walk through the doors - GO TO JOHN'S AUTOMPTIVE. You are blessed to have such a local car repair service in your neighborhood. We need more shops like this. AND, I talked with Johnny his son. This place will be doing great work for generations.THANK YOU JOHN'S AUTOMOTIVE!"
October 22, 2021

October 15, 2021

"They really know what they are doing there. And they care about their customers"
September 15, 2021

September 13, 2021